The modern alternative to paper business cards.

It's like your online mini store or mini website completely mobile adoptable easily shareable links to spread your business and services in your contact sphere.

1. How To Create An Online Business Card?

Creating an online business card with an E Card holder is very easy, Click on Create my Business Link, Fill the necessary information step by step, and Finally Your easy shareable link will be on screen and register email.

2. What is the importance of Online Business cards?

Business presentation is very easy, flexible and looks very professional to share your business information on a single click. Information shared on email can be unnoticed by your potential client but will become a quick look at your offerings with this online visiting card with E card Holder

3. Is this card suitable for small business owners?

Yes this online visiting card is very useful for business owners. Rather this is an effective way of giving the impression of your bio on the person you want to connect with

4. Can I use this business card for Networking?

Your Network is Your Net Worth; Business marketing always includes your networking in an effective way. There are many platforms where professional people do share their information in chat, email, website, but E Card holders provide you a unique opportunity to share precise business information with easy clickable links.

5. Is there any option to make Corporate Business Cards in Bulk?/Or do you have a Corporate solutions option?

Yes, we do have corporate solution options with bulk ordering at very reasonable economies of large scale.

6. Can we change the color theme of My business card?

Yes, you can change other color options of your card as per your choice.